Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"The motion picture art can convey any miracle... Assembling the light images
as he pleases, the photographer achieves optical wonders which a true master produces with actual light rays...The life-like images of the motion picture illustrate many truth's concerning creation. The planetary spheres, with their countless forms of life, are not but figures in a cosmic motion picture...

The Cosmic Director has written His own plays, and assembled the tremendous
casts for the pageant of the century's. From the dark bootr of eternity, He pours His creative beam through the films of successive ages, and the pictures are thrown on the screen of space. Just as the motion picture images appear to be real but our onlycombinations of light and shade, so is the universal variety a delusive seeming.

With inconceivable ingenuity God is staging an entertainment for His human children, making them actors as well as audience in His planetary theatre."

Autobiography of a Yogi


This is a new blog to accompany our film-making projects. "Cryo 2008" is almost done. We will keep you up to date on what is happening with this and other film-related endeavours...cheers Jeff and Liesbet

"This film is not a comprehensive retro-journalistic narrative of the last calendar year, but a chronological sequence of images, in the spirit of cinema verite, reflecting highlights and movements. It is also serving as a practice run for our
film-making/sound-track skills as we gear up for more complex projects.

Please forgive the camera shake and rough zooms; We don`t hitch-hike with
a steady-cam! Plus, out on the road in the real-time world photography has to be
quick and spontaneous. We are our own camera-persons and technicians as we travel.

We choose to hitch-hike for many reasons. Hitching is an act of co-operation and trust, as well as being ecologically sound; We meet only the nicest people, and they are already goingour way! And if we can get by without a car, that's one less on the road.

We love Mother Earth, her awsome beauty and splendid diversity; this mode of travel creates for us a unique blend of natural wonder and human civilization.
These two "realities" are not always in harmony, yet we sense a paradoxical and
improbable balance.

Join us now as we flow back through 2008, from New Zealand to Australia
to Europe and back to Australia ...to experience the realities we were able to create...but only with a little help from our friends...and a LOT of help from
Mother Earth and the Great Spirit!"