Friday, November 6, 2009



NOTE FROM JEFF: Glenn plays drums/percussion on the track "Volcano" from our film and has some new music coming out soon, too!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hey Jeff! Wayne here!

THANKYOU and Liesbet for the DVD. I only just got it! I don't get back to my parents house so often at all to pick up my mail and so was absolutely DELIGHTED to receive your gift. THANKYOU! It's a great view and I actually chuckled a bit too - "No food for Jeff!" Tee Hee! Those are some pretty natty tricks you can do and I especially enjoyed the 'oily' nature of water. It certainly looks like you guys had a fantastic trip - I'm just glad that I managed to make your acquaintance during that time!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi Jeff and Liesbet Julia here,
Martin is working away in the background. We saw your film that you sent us and Thomas has a copy of it and I know he has watched it. I loved the scenery and was especially facinated with the man who made the guitars, as I have a love of wood and trees. You seem to come across the most facinating people which must be rewarding in a world so full of war and violence. As a family we have a motto to do a good deed everyday. 'Remember not to be sad that it's over but happy that you did it'. ( a favourite saying)


Hello Jeff

Thank you for your DVD I finally watched it and I like it very much.
It is maybe because we had similar journey, I hitchhiked these places ( NZ & OZ ) in the late 70s unfortunately I did it by myself not with a gorgeous lady... but it was good, actually very mystical for me.
So you did too as you put some of your art, that was great.... we see Nature... how splendid ! and we see/feel also the energy of the spaces within and out all around in Geometry and Colors
It was a great journey... and you shown it at it my levels


Hi Jeff,

Finally found time to watch the DVD. Enjoyed it very much. Liked the combination of hitch-hike scenes, camping, scenery, host houses, art work, etc. Nice mix, like being on the trip with you. Music tracks are very nice. I especially like the piano pieces over the Tasmanian and Scottish segments. The Australian scenery just prior to the Eden sequence was very much like the coast of south-west Ireland.

all the best,

Monday, August 17, 2009


NOTE FROM JEFF: Douglas is a fantastic cosmic spirit, former international art dealer, and great lover of cetaceans. His astronomical magnanimity is facilitating a lot of communications technology for us now! Cheers bro! Jeff

Hey Jeff,
I got your package in the mail and just finished watching your DVD. What a great docu-postcard from your incredible journey. What a great treasure of experiences and adventures. Camera work was excellent and the editing superb with the soundtrack really bringing it all together. This may well become an underground hit for its tribute to the free spirit lifestyle and a chronicles of a Reconnaissance Man's quest for quiddity. Great job - both of you! Hey, and thanks for the credit line. That was a cool gesture, brah.

I see that the webpages for RegainYourBrain are in tack and I'll see what I can do to float them up within the Dolphinville domain and let you know. Some of the links look to be dead however. I'll look into it and see what I can do.

Be Well and thanks again for the travel documentary. Reminds me a bit of Bruce Chadwins books.

Keep up the good work bruddah.

Be Well and Swim Free,
Love & Aloha,

Hey Jeff,
Nice email. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts. I do value our friendship and admire the kind of 'warrior's path' you have set upon.
I'd say you are getting a huge return on your investment of time and energy to experience nature's wonder as it overlays with your inner belief system. You're living the ultimate road trip, dude! And yes, I do agree that we should leave little or no footprints upon the landscape and I strive to do so in my personal life. Unfortunately a majority of people are like babies crapping the diaper, oblivious to what they're doing.

It amuses me enormously that our life paths are in rich contextural resonant harmony with one another, my friend. Each echos similar aspects of what I have sensed with my first-hand encounters with the Cosmic Whale phenomenon itself and in meeting other in the chorus such as Lilly, Joan Ocean, Jean-Luc Bozzoli, Jim Nollman, Ric O'Barry and a host of others in the international community like Scott Taylor, Kim Kindersley and Peter Shenstone to name a few. They all know beyond words what that experience is conveying to humanity. It is a kinship that has likewise drawn us together.

Curiously, I somehow feel a particular resonance with my relationship to you on the one hand and that of another friend of mine, Timothy Wyllie, on the other. Tim is eight years my senior and I gather you are around eight or nine years my junior. So, I'm sensing myself as a kind of fulcrum point connection between what the three of us may each be experiencing on the physical plane in terms of time waves. Three "chords" making a song, so to speak. That song is what connects us to a wellspring of multiversality that is commonly felt, I sense. There is some synergy in the notion, I believe. Part of that kinship or soul grouping, perhaps. For what it's worth.

I do sense a pull and pulse around the idea that we are collectively moving towards a point in time as a kind of event horizon that has been presaged and charged to make up a major component of informational spin energy that affects the consensus reality matrix. That as we pass over/through this nexus point, there is a polarity shift such as when a train passes a way station and conscious perspective shifts from one of anticipation to hindsight like a Doppler effect. 12.21.12 or 211212 is as good a way station to use as any other reason to account for the stepping up of the frequency modulation and acceleration of the game clock, so to speak. We are all participants and observers on this field it seems to me. Waves are surging and perturbing consciousness all over the place.

Hey, have a look at the blogspot of Neil Kramer: The Cleaver. He's big on the Gnostic texts, but I think you'll find a good deal of parallel strands of energy in his writing and speaking as well. It's good to know that such positive messages are going out as strongly as the negative ones even if less noted by mainstream sources.

We are blessed, my brother, to be awaking in such a time of humankind where major strides in consciousness can be attained within a single life cycle. It is, as I once commented, like a rare spring bloom on a galactic scale that has drawn a great deal attention to itself. It's no mistake that 7 billion incarnate souls have shown up for the occasion. Eh?

Be Well,


This is a link to my new music blog. Here you can download all of the tracks used in our film Cryo 2008 as mp3's. New tracks are going up, so that eventually all my music will be available. I'll also be putting up material about musical projects, both my own and from friends. cheers jeff

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hello Jeff,

I have been travelling so I didn't get back to you sooner. The package you sent to me has been received and right away I looked at the film you made of you and Liesbet in some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Extraordinary! I watched it again with my girlfriend right afterwards as she kept hearing me exclaim from my office while watching it the first time. You were very modest in what you wrote to me about the film. I go to film festivals and watch
hundreds of documentary films. Actually the main difference is that other films don't names the places and so appear more "artistic", that is, for them the names aren't as important as the images, but that's about all.

The paintings you and Liesbet do are simply fabulous.

So much to say about the articles you send me. I often forward them to people I know. So you know that the network keeps growing ! The messages for example on the so-call swine flu are very disturbing and I've been talking about this with people here (World Health Organization is in Geneva of course.) The last messages about the intelligence of other animals and how humans should study them as a learining experience for the day when we may be in a position to try to communicate with alien intelligent creatures. So true, that we have intelligent animals right here on earth and we should start there. Much food for thought, especially for me. My wheels are turning, a film for me, maybe one day to explore this .... or perhaps it's been done already.

So keep up to the messages, the good energy. You are good people. You're making my life richer and I thank you for that.


Peter [note: Peter is documentary film-maker in Switzerland]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey this is a very cool web-site documenting the work of our favourite cinetagropher Ron Fricke, as well as other film-makers and projects.

Their newsletter is good to be on, it doesn't come very often though.

cheers jeff

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hi...After several wonderful weeks on Flinders Island we returned to Tasmania and were able to put the finishing touches on Cryo-2008. We've embarked on an effort to send copies to everyone we know for free! If you'd like one and don't have one yet, just email me and tell me your ground mailing address. We've burned/given away well over 200 copes so far! We have begun work on our second film, called "The Chronicles of Balarnia" which is about our time at Arni's on Flinders Island. This one will be at the next level of film-making; I'm working on some experimental music/sound-scapes for this one, too, in addition to music I've already done. We are very excited about the film-making thing and many exciting projects are on-line. We are seeking support for our projects...I'm sure the universe will help us out like she always does. But if YOU"D like to help us...just get in touch. Cheers and bye for now...jeff phillips

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"The motion picture art can convey any miracle... Assembling the light images
as he pleases, the photographer achieves optical wonders which a true master produces with actual light rays...The life-like images of the motion picture illustrate many truth's concerning creation. The planetary spheres, with their countless forms of life, are not but figures in a cosmic motion picture...

The Cosmic Director has written His own plays, and assembled the tremendous
casts for the pageant of the century's. From the dark bootr of eternity, He pours His creative beam through the films of successive ages, and the pictures are thrown on the screen of space. Just as the motion picture images appear to be real but our onlycombinations of light and shade, so is the universal variety a delusive seeming.

With inconceivable ingenuity God is staging an entertainment for His human children, making them actors as well as audience in His planetary theatre."

Autobiography of a Yogi


This is a new blog to accompany our film-making projects. "Cryo 2008" is almost done. We will keep you up to date on what is happening with this and other film-related endeavours...cheers Jeff and Liesbet

"This film is not a comprehensive retro-journalistic narrative of the last calendar year, but a chronological sequence of images, in the spirit of cinema verite, reflecting highlights and movements. It is also serving as a practice run for our
film-making/sound-track skills as we gear up for more complex projects.

Please forgive the camera shake and rough zooms; We don`t hitch-hike with
a steady-cam! Plus, out on the road in the real-time world photography has to be
quick and spontaneous. We are our own camera-persons and technicians as we travel.

We choose to hitch-hike for many reasons. Hitching is an act of co-operation and trust, as well as being ecologically sound; We meet only the nicest people, and they are already goingour way! And if we can get by without a car, that's one less on the road.

We love Mother Earth, her awsome beauty and splendid diversity; this mode of travel creates for us a unique blend of natural wonder and human civilization.
These two "realities" are not always in harmony, yet we sense a paradoxical and
improbable balance.

Join us now as we flow back through 2008, from New Zealand to Australia
to Europe and back to Australia experience the realities we were able to create...but only with a little help from our friends...and a LOT of help from
Mother Earth and the Great Spirit!"