Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hello Jeff,

I have been travelling so I didn't get back to you sooner. The package you sent to me has been received and right away I looked at the film you made of you and Liesbet in some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Extraordinary! I watched it again with my girlfriend right afterwards as she kept hearing me exclaim from my office while watching it the first time. You were very modest in what you wrote to me about the film. I go to film festivals and watch
hundreds of documentary films. Actually the main difference is that other films don't names the places and so appear more "artistic", that is, for them the names aren't as important as the images, but that's about all.

The paintings you and Liesbet do are simply fabulous.

So much to say about the articles you send me. I often forward them to people I know. So you know that the network keeps growing ! The messages for example on the so-call swine flu are very disturbing and I've been talking about this with people here (World Health Organization is in Geneva of course.) The last messages about the intelligence of other animals and how humans should study them as a learining experience for the day when we may be in a position to try to communicate with alien intelligent creatures. So true, that we have intelligent animals right here on earth and we should start there. Much food for thought, especially for me. My wheels are turning, a film for me, maybe one day to explore this .... or perhaps it's been done already.

So keep up to the messages, the good energy. You are good people. You're making my life richer and I thank you for that.


Peter [note: Peter is documentary film-maker in Switzerland]

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