Thursday, September 9, 2010



Thanks to the abundant hospitality of our great friend Peter Cholmondeley we've been able to stay here in Darwin long enough not only to have grown one-meter high tomatoes but also to have completed our third film, Te Waiwaia, which consists almost exclusively of footage of water flowing. There's no talking, and the soundtrack is a blend of three original tracks I've composed and recorded. The title means "the realms of the beautiful waters" and is taken from Barry Brailsford's book Song of the Whale; we included a few sentences of text from his book to open and close the film. It's only 21 minutes long, so we're making an attempt to get thsi one up on-line so we can share it with everyone without having to post dvd's all over the world. But we'll still do this with our more special friends, of course! I'm trying to upload it to at this time, but I won't have the url for viewing for a while until I've been authorized as a "motion-maker"! Will keep you posted as things progress. We're very excited about this film, as it's more what we're really all about as experimental film-makers, although we will continue our annual Cryo series and will continue to make films about special places like Great Barrier Island New Zealand. Our beyond-film about who the whales and dolphins are, as fellow sentient beings, is coming into view over the horizon, too...

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